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Laser Welding Tools
The Permanova WT series is developed in close cooperation with our end customers and system integrators. The tools serve the process as well as the production in a careful way.

Permanova WT04 Laser Welding Tool

The  Permanova WT04 welding tool series is designed to reach a maximum of reliability in operation, as well as maximum process utilisation.

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Permanova MFU Motorized Focusing Unit

The Permanova MFU is developed to meet flexibility demands for customers with advanced product geometries.

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Permanova MTSU Motorized Twin Spot

The Permanova MTSU is developed for applicatioins where a second focus spot gives advantages.

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Permanova WT D50 Laser Welding Tool

The Permanova WT D50 is to be considered as the most basic welding setup that may be delivered as a prealigned, high power tested, and ready to use unit.

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Permanova WT D25 Laser Welding Tool

The Permanova WT D25 Compact welding tool takes advantage of the high beam quality in disk and fiber lasers. Cramped areas can easily be reached with this small and light tool.

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Contact Information
Björn Lekander
Phone: +46 31 706 1971
e-mail: bjorn.lekander
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 Permanova Lasersystem AB, Krokslätts Fabriker 30, SE-431 37 Mölndal, Sweden, Phone: +46 31 706 1980, Fax: +46 31 86 46 12, e-mail: info