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By heating the joint and the filler wire with the laser beam, it is possible to create a brazed joint.

Characteristics of laser brazing are:

  • Fast brazing speed compared to non-laser brazing
  • Smooth joint, that classifies as a visible "A" surface
  • Good process stability
  • Possibility of joining non-weldable materials
  • Slower than laser keyhole welding

Permanova offers complete turn-key systems for laser brazing. These systems are typically based on laser-fiber-robot types of systems with a brazing tool, with a filler wire feeder and power source for preheating the wire.

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Permanova has developed laser welding/brazing tools that supports the process in the best way, as well as are easy to set up, and withstand harsh industrial environment.

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Customer Application Country
Volvo Car Body C. Trunk Lid Laser Brazing Station Sweden

Pininfarina Sverige Laser Welding/Brazing Robot Station Sweden


VWN /Fata Side Panel Laser Welding and Brazing Poland


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