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By using the laser to heat up the surface of a part, and at the same time melt added material onto that surface, a part may be repaired or built up as a whole. By using a different material composition in the added material, a dual-material part may be manufactured.

Permanova offers complete turn-key systems for laser cladding. Depending on what is needed when considering the product to be processed, and the production environment, the systems may be built on several base concepts.

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Permanova offers cladding tools where the material may be provided either as wire or as powder. There are different tool configurations available, suitable both for low beam-quality lasers such as direct diode lasers, as well as high beam-quality lasers such as fiber- or disc lasers.

Depending on the specific situation, tool features such as Seam Tracking and various sensor add-ons may be used to significantly increase process performance.

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Customer Application Country
Duroc Mobile Laser Robot Cladding Station Sweden


Innovatum Laser Robot Metal Deposition System Sweden
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