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PERMANOVA Lasersystem AB - Bringing laser solutions into your production.

We offer laser materials processing production equipment to sheet metal using manufacturing industries. The core consists of robotised laser systems, increasing productivity, product quality and profitability for our customers.
Our business is based on a deep knowledge of the technology and a thorough understanding of our customers' needs.

Permanovas employees are all dedicated to serve our customers with the best possible equipment and service. Most of the people at our company are today very experienced in the laser field after
many years in more than 150 customer production projects. We are educating the personnel with the aim to build the best possible production equipment.

Permanova is spending a considerable amount of its turnover in R/D. We develop new process tools that really are in the frontlines of technology. We create new system solutions based on these process tools that are on top technology level.
Our preferred way to perform development is to do it together with our customers. This is a way to work that suits us and our present customers well. Normally the customer has an idea of a product and together we find out a process to do it. If this requires development of new equipment, we will together make the specification and start working.
Permanova has the strategy to take part of EU or national development programs.

We have delivered laser process tools and turnkey laser systems to the industry for more than 20 years. When we design and produce our tools and systems, we always keep in mind that these products should be able to run in an automotive factory. Most of our tools and systems have been delivered to car producers and fulfill the high demands on function and uptime that these customers have. This is of course beneficial for our typical workshop customer also. 

The laser systems are always produced in a project. The people at Permanova are “brought up” in project work. We have today very good project teams and they are all prepared to carry the necessary responsibility to deliver an advanced laser system with the best performance.

In the end of the project the customer is thoroughly trained in handling and basic service of the equipment. During and after the warranty period our competent service staff will supply service and spare parts.

Main products summary

  • Turn-key systems with industrial laser, fiber, laser process tool and robot, for laser welding, 3D cutting, hybrid welding, cladding, hardening and marking.
  • Laser service, spare parts
  • Laser training, laser safety, consulting
  • Feasibility studies, laser process development in our lab with 6 kW laser and robot


Contact Information
Håkan Grubb
Tel: 031 706 1998
Mobil: 0730 88 11 98
e-mail: hakan.grubb

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 Permanova Lasersystem AB, Krokslätts Fabriker 30, SE-431 37 Mölndal, Sweden, Phone: +46 31 706 1980, Fax: +46 31 86 46 12, e-mail: info