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In laser cutting, the focussed laser beam heats up the material to create evaporation. The beam then penetrates through the material to create a cut. The vapor and melted material must be ejected from the slot in order for the cutting to be fast and the edge quality to be dross-free. This is made using a process gas through a coaxial nozzle. There are two principal ways of choosing the gas:

Oxygen supplied at moderate pressure (1-3 bar). The oxygen

speeds up the cutting process due to oxidization of the material at the high temperature. The drawback is oxide coated surfaces of the cut.

Nitrogen supplied at high pressure (15 bar). The nitrogen forces the melt out of the slot, at the same time protecting the surfaces from oxidization. Excellent cut quality, but requires more laser energy, or slower cutting speed.

Cutting-diagram-Stainless-1_450 Typical cutting speeds for burr-free cutting of stainless steel, using a high quality 1.5 kW laser.

Please contact Permanova for detailed information on Your application!

Permanova offers complete turn-key systems for laser cutting. Depending on what is needed when considering the product to be cut, and the production environment, the systems may be built on several base concepts.

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Customer Application Country
Ford / Comau Variant BIW Hole Cutting System Germany


AutoNova Laser-robot-fiber Cutting/Welding System Sweden

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