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The laser beam opens up terrific possibilities for various processing of materials! The light beam itself is pure energy in the form of photons. Depending on the amount of energy in the beam, and depending on the size of the surface the beam is targeted to, different types of materials processing may be carried out.

Choose the process group that you are most interested in from the menue above. We have made an introduction for each area in order for you to quickly find details on various equipment supplied by Permanova that is used for that specific process.

Process Approach


Permanova Lasersystem AB always starts looking at the process when proposing any equipment for our customers:

What process is giving the best cost to quality ratio for the product at hand?
What equipment design will give the optimum quality, payback and reliability?

Permanova knows laser processing. We have delivered to several industrial segments – we know the requirements put upon industrial production equipment. We know the laser sources from inside and out. In our team are optical designers, mechanical designers and electrical designers, as well as software programmers for PLC’, PC’s, and robot controllers.

We have experienced service engineers that visit our customers and their production environment every day. This allows us to see the whole picture – whether we deliver complete turnkey equipment, or tools and packages for further integration.

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