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Permanova Laser Solutions for Highly Productive Manufacturing

Permanova Lasersystem AB have over the years gained extensive experience in what is most beneficial for our customers.

If you are an automotive producer with an in-line manufacturing environment, you have very specific demands that need to be fulfilled. If you are a manufacturer of sheet-metal or welded parts, you have a slightly different need. Although slightly different, the essentials are in common: flexible and reliable equipment that supports your manufacturing process in the best way.

If you on the other hand are a line-builder, or automation company, in need of process tools or sub-system solutions, you will most likely appreciate the customization and project management experiences of Permanova, in addition to the outstanding technical features of the equipment.

In order to increase your competitivenes, our concepts for short time-to-market production, high beam utilization, or unmanned operation may be of interest!


Sheet-Metal & Welded
Automotive In-Line
System Integrators
Beam Utilization
Fully Automated

If you are a producer of sheet metal parts, especially in 3D or welded assemblies, or if you produce other welded components or assemblies, we have gathered interesting information for you in this section.

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If you are producing welded sheet metal structures, like automotive car bodies, in an in-line environment, we have gathered interesting information for you in this section.

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If you are a systems integrator, that needs integration of equipment for laser materials processing, we have gathered information on what we may provide to help make your project successful in this section.

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This section describes how you may use the quality and flexibility that laser based equipment provides, in combination with other tools such as 3D CAD and off-line programming, to help you work lean in a profitable way with short time to market, and small batch sizes.

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This sections shows some ways to use the laser beam as efficiently as possible. Since the laser is a considerable part of the investment, using the beam as much as possible increases the pay-back of the investment.

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The automation level in the process itself when doing laser materials processing, and the good quality control and up-time of the equipment, provides an excellent base for a fully automatic production solution. There are several approaches to this

  • In-line solutions
  • Robot loading & unloading of parts
  • Flexible fixtures for automatic variant change
  • Integrated information system for automatic variant change

In this section we have gathered some information and links referring to those solutions.

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