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Laser welding may be devided into two types of welding: conduction welding and key-hole welding.

When doing welding by melting, the beam heats up the surface of the material, and the heat conduction leads the heat into the material to create the depth of the weld. This is mainly used for thinner materials. The benefit compared to conventional welding methods, is that it is easier to obtain a very high surface quality of the weld, and that it is faster. It is not as fast as the most used laser welding method:

Key-hole welding. In key hole welding, the high intensity beam creates a hole into the material by evaporating a very small amount of the material. The high pressure of the evaporated material pushes the melted material to the sides, allowing the beam to penetrate deep into the material before the melt has time to widen due to heat conduction. This allows for deep and fast welding, with a minimum of heat input to the base material, and thus minimal thermally induced tensions and deformations of the part.

Welddiagram4kW_450 Typical welding speeds using a 4kW laser in different thicknesses of stainless steel are shown in the diagram.

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Permanova offers complete turn-key systems for laser welding and laser-hybrid welding. Depending on what is needed when considering the product to be welded, and the production environment, the systems may be built on several base concepts.

The handling may be manual, or fully automatic using in-line or robot handling solutions

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Permanova has developed laser welding tools that support the process in the best way, as well as are easy to set up, and withstand harsh industrial environment.

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Customer Application Country
Autoflator CO2 Laser Welding Station Sweden


Volvo Car Corp. Roof Welding Nd:YAG Laser Welding Sweden


Pininfarina Sverige Laser Welding/Brazing Robot Station Sweden


Changan Ford Roof Welding System China


Alfa Laval Lund High Volume Heat Exchanger Welding Sweden


ABB Switchgear Laser Welding of Stainless Steel Boxes China


Volvo Car Corp. Roof welding Nd:YAG Laser System Sweden

Wilhelm Karmann Roof Welding Laser System Germany

VWN /Fata Side Panel Laser Welding and Brazing Poland


Volvo Cars Laser-Fiber-Robot Welding System Sweden

AutoNova Laser-robot-fiber Cutting/Welding System Sweden

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